Burduru'n İngilizce Tarihi

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    Burduru'n İngilizce Tarihi


    Burduru'n İngilizce Tarihi

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    1. First Rule of the Seljuks in the Burdur: Burdur and its environs from the prehistoric era of the settlement area as can be seen. Pilgrims excavations in the village of Burdur, BC settlement here Extending until the year 7000 shows. Pilgrims, Konya's oldest settlement is the center of Anatolia with Çatalhöyük. However Hacilar, Kuruçay, Gebr mound, and Burdur-like remains were found in kalkolotik period.

    Burdur region in ancient times and is named with the name Psidia. BC 1500 years under the name of Arzawa a kingdom was established in this region, subject to the Hittites. BC Arzawa kingdom In the year 1200 has gained independence in the same century, when the Hittites invaded territory Phrygians, Arzawa kingdom came under the domination of the Phrygians. BC 7. King of Lydia conquered Kroisos'un century Western Anatolia and the region of Burdur alliance was entered into Lidya'lıların sovereignty. Psidia, BC Domination in 546 BC came under Pres. BC Alexander of Macedon in 330 ended the domination of the Persians in Anatolia to the region of the commanders of Alexander was appointed as governor Antigonos. Psidia after the death of Alexander, passed to the Seleucid hands. Seleucid King Antiochus king of Pergamum after defeating Eumenes'e also entered the sovereignty of the kingdom of Pergamum Psidia region. BC 61 years on the destruction of Pergamum in the domination of Rome input. After the split of the Roman empire, the region entered the Byzantine domination. After this period, with the name of the region Psidia an Polydorion was introduced. Burdur and region 11 remained under Byzantine rule until centuries.

    2. Seljuk and Principalities Period: 1071 Malazgirt victory shortly after his son Süleyman Shah's Kutalmış gathered around Turkmen, Konya after the conquest of the West seized a large part of Anatolia. That tribe members at the time Kınalı settled in Burdur and its environs. Great Seljuks and the Anatolian Seljuks and the border town has become one end of the period. Who settled here from the Turkmen side crossing the border and raid the Byzantines as they do, on the other hand crossing the border and raid the Byzantines as they do, on the other hand crossing the border and they made carpets and rugs in Egypt and taken to Syria, these countries were sold.

    Born in 1299 at the end of the Seljuks in the region when the 14th century. to be the beginning of the end of Ilyas son of the principality Dündar Bey Felekeddin declared in Burdur. Hamid Bey's grandfather founded the principality called the center of the principality was transferred Eğirdir from Burdur.

    On 1314 Ilkhanid (Mongol) başveziri Emir of the State Shepherd, Mongol army arrived in Anatolia. With the exception of all principality of Karaman have reported commitment to the Mongols. These gentlemen were in between Dündar Bey. Appointed by the Mongols in Anatolia, the governor's son, Emir Çoban Demirtas (1317), Anatolian principalities began to eliminate. Meanwhile, Hamid Demiştaş marched to Canton. Dündar Bey fled to Antalya in 1323 has also captured and killed here. Upon the event of insurrection in Demirtas as a result of the Mongol Demirtaş also fled to Egypt where has been killed. So the Dündar Bey's son, a part of the territory of Khidr Bey Eğirdir walk back was stereotyped.

    In 1333 Ibn Batuta, who visited Burdur, here's a small town with many rivers and garden are saying. Seyahi of the same words, the Anatolia in Burdur As in other cities and towns, Ahi seems to exist.

    3. Ottoman period: in 1391 the Ottoman Sultan Yıldırım Han Beyazıd Hamidoğulları principality will end, this stereotype that Kutahya Anadolu Beylerbeyliği Center connected to.

    Timur's 1402 defeat in the Battle of Ankara on the Hana Beyazıd Lightning re-gained independence in 1430 from the Hamidoğulları exactly has entered into the Ottoman patronage.

    Burdur, Şahkulu during riots a few months remained in the hands of the rebels.

    In 1839, the city's leading family of uprisings among the witnesses who Çiloğulları with Çelikpaşazadeler Burdur, Konya-Karaman province of the same year due to Hamid (Isparta) flag was brought to an accident situation. Liva in 1852 that Burdur, accident in 1867, then was re-starboard. Burdur in 1920 as an independent flag, in 1923, with the province of the Republic was declared.

    Countries have passed to the Ottomans and Hamidoğulları Burdur alone abandoned after the accident and had lost its importance. Ottomans in the period to be considered important by the state in Burdur work was done.

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    burdur tarihi neolitik çağla başlar M.Ö.7000 yıllarına ait bulgular bulunmaktadır . Bu çağın en önemli özelliği: İnsanların,hayvanları evcilleştirmesi,çanak-çömlek yapımını öğrenmiş bulunmasıdır.

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