Acar Baltaş İngilizce Biyografisi

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    Acar Baltaş İngilizce Biyografisi


    Acar Baltaş İngilizce Biyografisi

    Forum Alev

    Istanbul University, Department of Psychology, Faculty of Arts graduates. Branch has a PhD in Neurophysiology at the Medical School and became an expert in higher brain function. Doctor of Medical Sciences in 1981,''after''1986,''Associate Professor of Applied Psychology,''and the''Professor''in 1996, the titles won. Stress reduction techniques in the United States in 1982, with computers and the rehabilitation of brain destruction and worked in the fields of pain control. Starting in 1988, with a five year period Airlines cabin staff served as a''project''behavior regulation.

    Audiences in Turkey, psychology of human needs and work has shown that a solution to the problem is a pioneer. Since 1983, quality of life of healthy people and businesses have given seminars to enhance the efficiency of the applications were made.

    Turkish culture in the value systems and teamwork in the training programs of many organizations has become an international success creator. 21. century work, change, teamwork, leadership and emotional intelligence in their written and visual media has done many interviews and programs. Between 1996-1999, the Turkish National Football Team, the Galatasaray soccer team since 2002, served as psychological counseling.

    Prof. wife. Dr. Zuhal Baltaþ Baltaþ-along with their founder and Baltaþ Baltaþ Management Training and Consulting Center-Axis Selection, Evaluation and Organization Center is managed.


    Wife of Prof. Acar Baltaþ. Dr. Zuhal Baltaþ with his books:
    Stress and Coping Strategies
    Body language
    Handbook of mother-father

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    Profösörlüğünün yanı sıra aynı zamanda psikologtur.İnsanları rahatlatan uzun konuşmaları ve 500.000 in üzerinde satan kitapları mevcuttur.

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