Above Ve Over Arasındaki önemli Fark Nedir?

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Yudumla ve Soru(lar) ve Cevap(lar) Bölümünden Above Ve Over Arasındaki önemli Fark Nedir? ile ilgili Kısaca Bilgi
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    Above Ve Over Arasındaki önemli Fark Nedir?

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    Usta Üye

    Cevap: Herhangi bir mantıklı olmadığını "Above", dikey
    (fiziksel ya da mecazi) üstünlük gösterir.
    "Over" simply indicates superiority or transcendence.
    "Over" sadece üstünlük veya üstünlük gösterir.

    Examples: My apartment is above his (physically vertical.) He is above me at work ("figuratively" vertical; if there were a physical list, his name would probably appear vertically ABOVE mine on the list) Numbers above 50.
    Örnekler: Benim daire onun (fiziksel olarak dikey.) O ("mecazi" dikey; fiziksel bir liste olsaydı, onun adını muhtemelen listede mayın YUKARIDA dikey olarak görünür) iş yerinde bana üzerindedir üzerindedir 50 üzerinde Numaraları.
    He has worked above and beyond the call of duty.
    O görev çağrısı ötesinde çalıştı.

    "Over," as was said, indicates superiority or transcendence, neither of which need be vertical (although they can be), and usually implies some sort of movement.
    "Over" olarak söyleniyordu, ne (onlar olmasına rağmen) dikey olarak ve genellikle hareket çeşit anlamına ihtiyacı olan, üstünlük veya üstünlük gösterir.
    I jumped "over the fence."
    Ben "çitin üzerinden." Atladı
    That just means that I transcended the fence (by moving of course).
    Bu sadece (tabii hareket ettirerek) Ben çit aşıldığı anlamına gelir.
    I skipped over a few questions when I was doing my homework.
    Ben ödev yapıyordum zaman birkaç soru üzerinden atlanır.
    (nothing vertical involved; movement figurative, or you could think of the pen as having moved over those questions)
    (Dahil dikey şey; mecazi hareket, ya da bu sorular üzerinde hareket sahip olarak kalemin düşünebildiğim)

    "The clouds are above me" indicates simply that the clouds are located vertically above me." "The clouds are over me" sounds awkward and would most likely be used with some sort of verb of motion, ie, "The clouds hovered over me."
    Bulutlar bana yukarıdaki dikey olarak yer olduğunu basitçe gösterir. "" Bulutlar beni bitti "garip sesler ve büyük olasılıkla hareket fiil, yani bir tür kullanılacak" bulutlar beni üzerindedir "," bulutlar beni süpürdü .

    - a sign over the door; a hawk gliding over the hills.
    - a jump over the fence.
    - strolled over the bridge.
    - fell over the cliff.
    - a village over the border.
    - put a coat of varnish over the woodwork.
    - clubbed him over the head; tripped over the toys.
    - walked over the grounds; looked over the report.
    - addressed us over the loudspeaker; can't tell you over the phone.
    - put rocks over a cave entrance; threw a shawl over her shoulders.
    - The water was over my shoulders.
    - records maintained over two years.
    - stayed over the holidays.
    - over ten miles; over a thousand dollars.
    - won a narrow victory over her rival; a distinct advantage over our competitors.
    - selected him over all the others.
    - The director presides over the meeting. There is no one over him in the department.
    - the change that came over you.
    - a chat over coffee.
    - an argument over methods.
    - climbed the ladder and peered over.
    - stopped at the curb, then crossed over.
    - The coffee spilled over.
    - Throw the ball over.
    - lives over in England.
    - Move your chair over toward the fire.
    - invited us over for cocktails.
    - wandered all over.
    - win someone over.
    - eventually got my point over.
    - sign the property over.
    - The river froze over. Engineers sealed the tunnel entrance over.
    - Think the problem over. Let's read the memo over.
    - kicked the bookstand over.
    - turn the paper over.
    - counted his cards over; had to do it over.
    - made me write it ten times over.
    - lots of food left over.
    - stay a day over.
    - Summer is over.
    - external; outer.
    - Excessive; extreme.
    - Not yet used up; remaining.
    - Extra; surplus.
    - the clouds above.
    - a table in the dining room above.
    - 15° above.
    - the ranks of major and above.
    - a cool spring above the timberline.
    - put principles above expediency.
    - a shot that was heard above the music.
    - I am above petty intrigue.
    - somewhat above normal temperature.
    - a dam positioned ten miles above the town.
    - Minnesota is above Iowa.
    - Refer to the above for that information.
    - The above hereby affix their signatures.
    - flaws in the above interpretation

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