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    Türklerin giyim tarzı ingilizce yazı lazım

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    Turkish Clothing Culture

    Wedding dresses with unique features ottoman wonder how the understanding of the past, wedding present, depending on the tradition of some farklı.Osmanlı silvery, scaly, embroidered clothing is deemed as a shame, young girls often wore simple clothing.

    Clothing, veiling was developed in order to protect people's natural conditions. Initially, a simple shape that exhibits veil, developed as a result of people's traditions and individual tastes.

    Turkish clothing and harness its long history, the extensive geographical area, the effect of culture and belief systems of interaction has occurred. This change is the most important ceremony of women's clothing in all periods, no doubt, was a bridesmaid. Model chosen for the wedding dress, the color, the fabric changed, but the goal was always the same.

    Accordance with the Ottoman tradition, silvery, scaly, embroidered garments, shame counted young girls, often wore simple clothing. Giyinebilmelerinin a fancy way of women, marriage began, first with the flashy dress wedding dress, you can always indicate a significant difference from other women in terms of clothing and the bride was considered as important. Makes it different from other women in the bride, bridal wedding dress, as well as a complementary per point, veil and aksesuarlarıydı.

    Wedding dresses made of fabrics that reflect the fashion of the period it is very expensive, and decorated with flamboyant. The palace dynasty adopted the color red as the color of the public, as well as red, purple, blue, pink, vibrant colors, such as preferred. The bride's veil covering her face red, respectively. More open to Western influence, after 1870 began to wear wedding dresses in color. White fabric wedding dress for the first time in 1898, married Kemalettin Pasha II. Sultan Abdul Hamid II's daughter wore Naime. Beginning and gradually spreading white wedding dress in the palace of the 20th century, was indispensable.

    Women's clothing and dress during the Ottoman period, residential palace parallel lifestyles, urban and rural groups, such as the rules of their own, used in accordance with the traditions and customs of different paints, weaving, processing and models prospered. Ottoman wedding will take several days, showed a change of social status marry. Worn a different outfit every day of the wedding. Different clothes for the day of henna night and wedding, after the wedding, the 'suppression' of the outfit worn phrase.

    The main items of women's clothing, baggy trousers, cardigans, blouses, drapery, and kaftanlardı. Şalvarla worn robes, Turkish women's wear represents the most ancient examples. Pesle kirtle, waist skirt portion extending downward is formed. 18. range of these dresses at the beginning of century collar, sleeve cut, hemline, the dress fit the body, such as the model changes, 19 How effective was the mid-century.

    19. beginning of the century the so-called three-skirt and a four-skirt models, was on the eye. Three skirts; sides of the slit, open-ended, a few pieces of the waist button, the height from the ground up entarilerdir. Three skirts, effective and rural areas up to 1875 20 century were used. After returning from a trip to Europe in 1867 by Sultan Abdulaziz decreased popularity of three-skirt and şalvarlara young people, seeing the two skirt drapery fashions and Western fashion influence began to be felt.

    Dresses four Pesle, felon, heel beat, doves collar, the judge collar, bag, inside the box were those referred to with different names, such as.

    This simple, everyday dresses, heavy embroidered wedding, the wedding ceremony attire and used. These robes, generally made of velvet, plug-in from the beginning, which is based on the body part of the body, long clothing.

    Side round and is open to the waist in front. Vulnerability collar, shirt worn inside halal appears. Pancakes or scarf to deal with this robe on the waist belt attached to silver.

    19. purple and burgundy velvet often made early in the century, work on technique Dival with gilt floral motifs used in a variety of processed and "bindallı called" dresses, bridal and ceremonial outfit was preferred. In rural areas, the same style and materials processing using the baggy trousers, worn as a jacket.

    II. The location of major cities from the time of Abdul Hamid bindallı dresses, Western influence has left a long skirt and a jacket teams. Skirts-jackets, satin, taffeta and silk fabrics, such as münakkaş done. Atlas made in the style of the fabric bindallı the skirt and bodice, and a long-tailed jackets, created the first examples. This bridal gowns, and later places, taffeta and silk fabrics woven with sim long, Klose skirt, bodice, underwire, body wraps, topped, cloak clothes left. This crepe embroidered clothing, head coverings, color and processing in accordance with a knee-length velvet and fur coats in the winter sitting on the waist worn. In accordance with the same color and the functioning of the garment fabric or leather shoes and bags used. Westernization apparel, footwear also reflect in models.

    Decorate the wedding dreams of young girls during the Ottoman era, today's young girls will make your dreams a rich nature.

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