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    Cevap: The source of life. Love is a passion of love, passion a purpose, the objective is to share something with someone, to share friendship, if friendship is to always remember mind! In the new year and further consolidated our friendship be eternal wish me many more happy years!

    Bank branches in the love of happiness, 2010 No. to your account, 365 days more were admitted. Wishing you a happy way to spend .. HAPPY NEW YEAR ...

    There are still a new year in our door. By 2010 we will enter everything you want to happen these days Wishing. Create your future more beautiful every new day the previous day, according to your requests and you get to be happy! Good Years!

    In NEW YEAR; life to keep, not to miss love, I wish at this time, multiplied by two to avoid falling ... And allocate time to perform them yourself ... HAPPY NEW YEAR!

    2010 with our pain, our joy will stay behind. 2010 more hope, more joy, more happiness you bring. In the life of beautiful, happy tomorrow, real friendships always be with you. New year to you and all the loved ones health, happiness, joy, success, abundance of money, I wish to bring love and peace. Happy New Year!

    Pure white snow, what happened has happened ... get errors of the past covers Offers a new future and a new beginning to us ... New year to all of humanity and peace to our country, with the hope the new year bring happiness your congratulations. Get everything by your heart!

    Get a year by 2010, such that all the negativity of 2008yılının forget us .. Wishing you a year of requests will happen ..

    Entering a new year I wish love and peace. Wars, suffering and disasters, such as one year behind her husband passed away in hopes of keeping .. Nice to years!

    Brotherhood was born, his love of combining, perhaps still, perhaps tired, still happy, still hopeful, still full of love for many years!

    In 2010 to meet the ever imagine desperate and you shouldn stay with my wishes. Good and healthy new year!

    Happy new year to get us .. Happy new year you also get .. Health, success and happiness get ..

    In the new year, everything to be by your heart I wish, I wish to place all your expectations. Happy birthday ...

    Today is the worst day ever do not laugh. New Year's filled full of the most sincere smile and a large paved with Merry Christmas Wishing you pass ..

    The new year bring you joy and happiness .. Wishing you love the most sincere regards ..

    Better years, all together, hand in hand .. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

    Such as sugar, honey, I wish you to spend a year .. beautiful dream good years

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