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    Cevap: Actual play

    Ali remains in school late. Teacher punish if Jack. Ali to say,
    - I leave you, you know I `ll ask the right question. Let us say now.
    What is the verb to play next time?
    Dispose of gin, such as Ali,
    - to enter the teacher to jail

    Which school

    Although Ahmed is a very happy home from school. His mother, the happiness of a certain
    check for a reason and you want to learn;
    - What did you tell me Let's look at the school, cheerful look strange ...
    - We've made explosive substance.
    - So what you will do tomorrow at school?
    - Which school? ..

    Find A bargain

    Small Kayseri teacher asked:
    - Six times six?
    - Thirty-nine.
    - Sit down, zero.
    His friend asks:
    - When you know why you say thirty-nine?
    - Negotiations to sign, did not understand ...

    Days Uzayinca

    Teachers tell students in the class after an acquired strain Elis'e asked:
    - How many hours a day?
    - Is it ok? Was that how many hours you ögretmemis?
    - Last week, the days grew longer had said that an hour or ...

    Degree in health maniac

    Children returned to class the teacher asks:
    - Should Tell me, in our northern part of the Black Sea, south of the Mediterranean in our western Aegean our study
    Approval of the sea when I was there I HOW MANY? ..
    Lift a finger in the back row:
    - Forty four teacher ...
    Indeed, the teacher is surprised:
    - True ... But how do you know? ..
    - Very easy teacher ... My brother has a semi-maniac, a full twenty-two
    He gets hit with infants two years old ... your age ... COMES OUT

    Silicone Lube

    The teacher told the classroom that they are valuable mines, and how much. Course
    At the end he asked the children:
    - Who wants to have children which is mine?
    First, David replied:
    - Platinum, teacher. I would buy him a Porsche.
    Then, Mike replied:
    - Gold, teacher. I could buy myself a Cadillac Altinlarimla latest model.
    The latest Joe replied:
    - Silicon, teacher. Ablamda or two, imagine the door in front of the vehicles
    You can not even ..


    The first lesson of the new students coming to school the teacher called interesting:
    - If you feel yourself rise idiot ...
    No fence in the classroom. Finally, someone came up to me:
    - You idiot yourselfDid he do you feel?
    Children responded:
    - No, but you standing alone, was not willing to stay in my soul ...


    Came home bleeding from his nose. Granted to worry his mother:
    - the school came to conjure. My nose and fifty three thousand iron has proven ...
    - I cheating juggler eye ... Nasal blood not beat that ...
    - I already failed to take my nose conjure blood. Baska check for torn money
    ... that my friends bleed...

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