Ramazan bayramında yapılanların ingilizce anlatımı

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Yudumla ve Soru(lar) ve Cevap(lar) Bölümünden Ramazan bayramında yapılanların ingilizce anlatımı ile ilgili Kısaca Bilgi
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    Cevap: işte sizlere Ramazan Bayramında yapılanların ingilizcesi
    Ramazan bayramında yapılanlar ingilizce olarak

    What is the holiday?
    What is the eid?

    Holidays, magnificent past, and blessed us to come and reach kökümüzün uğultularıdır mûsikileşmiş holidays, history, future, state of wake up early in the morning of Eid al-Fitr nested we must hear and enjoy the sweetness of Eid to hear, to feel that different from the others, guslederek clean (possibly new) clothes to wear, the teeth brushing, fragrances grovel, hair-beard, hair, nails and other parts of the body in accordance with the Sunnah to streamline clean, beautiful things, and the manners of Islam müstehaptır more friendly than other days of individuals to act against each other, to look cheerful, collectively, to go to prayer festival ; If you have prayer before the date palm, date palm, or something sweet to eat, which in turn one, three, five, such as to pay attention to being single, going to prayer Zikr of God, to share the holiday joy Greeting Muslims encountered Muhammad (pBUH) visited each other close relatives circumcision ask whether, should the parents helping those in need, do not forget to visit them on holidays to the hearts of an important obligation that this is not possible to phone

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