Casper ingilizce kitap özeti

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    Casper ingilizce kitap özeti


    Casper ingilizce kitap özeti

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    There was a castle in somewhere. It was a cursed and there were ghosts. A

    woman and her assistant tried to go into the castle but they couldn’t. Because they

    saw a ghost. Then they called the man. He was a search for the ghosts. He came

    here with her daughter Kate.

    After that they stayed this in castle. When Kate came her room, she saw the

    Casper. Kate and Casper become a friend. Then Kate started school. The student

    wanted have a party in Kate’s home. But she didn’t want. When they went back the

    castle. Kate saw the other ghosts. She puzzled. The other ghosts didn’t like Kate and

    her father. Casper showed her father’s machine. This machine ghosts changed the

    people with a formula. If Kate puts here, Casper will changed a man. But he couldn’t

    changed. Then the other ghost killed the Kate’s father and he was a ghost. Kate was

    unhappy. Then the party day come and the party began. Casper wanted a something

    an angel.

    Finally an angel changed Casper for a handsome man only one hour. Kate

    and Caper danced. One hour after, Casper changed a ghost and everybody was

    afraid of ghost. After that Casper, Kate, Kate’s father and the other ghosts danced.

    Everybody was happy.

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    Cevap: Casper ingilizce kitap özeti


    casper bir çocuk kitabı galiba ,konu hayaletler falan ama neden çocuklar için böyle şeyler yazılır anlamak zor hayalet öcü gibi şeyler çocuk pisikolojisini bozar

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